Władysław Bednarski - violinmaker

Born in 1962 in Poland in the region of Podhale. The continuator of family violinmaking traditions. He made his first steps in the workshop of his brother, Andrzej Bednarski. In 1985 he was admitted to Polish Association of Violin Makers. At that time his workshop was set up. Up to 1990, he had been making instruments based on the model by Antonio Stradivari from 1716. Since 1995, he has been trying to develop his own style.

Until 2019, he had produced about 450 instruments. He has been specializing lately in the construction of the violin. He creates custom-made instruments, adjusting himself to the preferences of instrumentalists. He uses the whole palette of varnishes, with a special liking to golden red. W. Bednarski's instruments are characterized by even tone, substintial sound capacity and powerful tone volume.

The significant and outstanding features of the instruments have been appreciated by the musicans who use them: prof Yair Kless (Israel - Austria), Eyal Klees (israel-Austria), Steckel (Germany), H. Haag (Germany), Adrian Levine (Prof, Royal College of Music, London), prof Mieczysław Szlezer (Poland), and the lecturers and students from Austria, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, England and the USA.


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